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Global Case Studies - Africa

World Map of Capstone Locations

Capstone Installations:


  • Swineline Farms, Cullinan, South Africa – Agricultural

    A digester gas-fueled CR65 microturbine has allowed Swineline Farms to generate onsite renewable power and reduce the farm’s electricity use.
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  • Offshore Platform, Mediterranean Sea – Oil & Gas

    Since 2001, BP Egypt uses a 30kW microturbine to produce electricity for an offshore platform in the Mediterranean Sea. The microturbine uses associated gas from the oil production process which would normally be flared and wasted. Using flare gas for fuel reduces the amount of expensive and polluting diesel fuel that has to be brought to the platform from onshore.

  • Oil Flow Station, Nigeria – Oil & Gas

    Two 30 kilowatt microturbines power an oil flow station for Shell in Nigeria. This remote power project is located in the Imo River area. Eastern Horizon Gas (an Oando company) uses another two C30 microturbines for its remote operations in the Calabar area.

  • Makon Group Corporate Office, Lagos, Nigeria – Office Building

    At Makon Group's corporate offices in Lagos, Nigeria a single 65 kilowatt microturbine produces all the power needed to keep the office running without any assistance from the local power grid. Since installation of the clean-and-green propane-fueled Capstone microturbine, Makon’s operations are not affected by the weak and unreliable power grid or the high price of diesel fuel.

  • Remote Village, Nigeria – Other

    A rural village in Nigeria has reliable baseload power thanks to a 65 kilowatt microturbine running on propane. The single microturbine produces enough power for approximately 50 homes, a church, mosque and school.

  • Oilfield Flare Gas

    A 3-pack of Capstone C30 systems converts untreated wellhead gas, which is otherwise flared, into clean power 24/7 for onsite use.